Call me Magpie

When I was pregnant I constantly got asked if I had any cravings. The truth of the matter is, I did. In my first pregnancy I craved Guacamole, I had to make it fresh and I lost count of the times my boss called me and I was smashing away at Avocados in the background! We still laugh about it now! That was not the strangest one though, at one point in my pregnancy I craved meat! Walking through the doors of the grocery store and smelling the rotisserie chicken set me off and it came to a head when my hubby and I went out for dinner and he ordered a burger. The thing I haven’t mentioned is, I’m a vegetarian, not one of those that push their views on to others. I do manage to cook meat for my family and I wont inflict that on my kids. That will be their choice to make, but none the less I have not eaten meat for over 20 years! I burst into tears because I desperately wanted to sink my gnashes into his dripping burger.. Sounds like a dodgy romance novel! Anyway I had forgotten all about it until I saw an ad /commercial for a new show. Its all about addictions! I was stunned to see one woman eating scoops full of laundry powder! Hiding in her laundry room and guzzling it down. Another that ate pieces of toilet roll or any small pieces of paper and the most shocking for me, a girl that pulled out her own hair so she could eat the follicle!
It turns out that there is a condition called Pica which is Latin for Magpie an indiscriminate bird that eats anything. While studying this condition I learned that for the most part  these people who have persistent and compulsory cravings to eat non food items can blame it on a nutrient deficiency! This also refers to pregnancy. How many people have craved pickles or something that they didn’t like? Apparently it’s the body’s way of showing it is deficient.
So what’s your little secret? What couldn’t you go without? You can tell me…


About yorkshiremummy

Born and Raised in Yorkshire, Now at Large in North America. Working Wife and Mum of 2. Occasionally sarcastic, Often inappropriate, but always real! Having snorkeled with sharks in the Maldives, ridden an Elephant in Sri Lanka, swum in an underground river in Mexico and played with Lion cubs in South Africa, currently enjoying the crazy adventure of motherhood!
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6 Responses to Call me Magpie

  1. Him Up North says:

    When our babies were born I craved sleep. Okay, it’s not the same. OH craved tomatoes first time round, but had no cravings second time. LOL at the thought of a veggie (which is in itself unnatural but we’ll let that slide) drooling over a burger. Great post.

  2. Kate says:

    Funnily enough, I ate more burgers (not loads, and they had to be proper ones) when pregnant but I did have low iron – they do say they crave what you need. And I ate more chocolatey things – don’t generally eat a lot.

    Second time around, I craved a smell. Tar. I even bought some Polytar shampoo to get my fix. Didn’t eat it tho. Ewwwww..

  3. Hun, thanks for the comment. I thought you’d find it funny, me drooling over a burger. I haven’t told you but every time I get ill, or stressed out or have any kind of problem my Dads advise is.. eat a burger LOL

  4. jenmum says:

    I had big cheese cravings in the early weeks of pregnancy. I think it was because I drank rice milk and so was lacking in calcium. When I switched to the added-calcium version the cravings disappeared. I also craved Greek yoghurt and honey, however I still crave it now so maybe I just have a very strong liking for it!!

    • I don’t know I still regularly want Guacamole! Just before I got pregnant we went to Montreal and ate in a fantastic Mexican restaurant where they made it fresh at your table. I desperately try to recreate that lol

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