Cat got your tongue

I’ve never been the type of person to have a full on conversation with someone at a bus stop or in a store. I have however always acknowledged people or tried to be polite and courteous. My eldest daughter started JK in September of last year. Every day I drive to school in a mad rush to drop daughter number 1off before I can race across town to drop daughter number 2 and hopefully get to work on time. Each time I arrive at school, one of the other parents is also arriving with his own daughter. For 6 months now, I have smiled and said good morning. I don’t want to know their business and have no interest in visiting their home or prying in to their private lives. It is a simple, common courtesy for me. We reach the door at the same time. He does not hold it open. I offer a greeting, he puts his head down.
Now I appreciate these days it is taking a little more polyfilla to fill in the cracks and crevices on the face, particularly in a morning. But I certainly didn’t think i was repulsive or intimidating. Maybe it’s a cultural thing? Maybe I’m presenting myself in an offensive manner? I have no idea. Whatever the deal, I believe in treating people how you expect to be treated. For me that means being civil, courteous and usually polite! (I have my moments) so for now, I will continue to smile and greet the man who I seem to be repelling in the hope that I am showing my daughter lessons about manners, perseverance and controlling our own actions. We’ll see what happens tomorrow…


About yorkshiremummy

Born and Raised in Yorkshire, Now at Large in North America. Working Wife and Mum of 2. Occasionally sarcastic, Often inappropriate, but always real! Having snorkeled with sharks in the Maldives, ridden an Elephant in Sri Lanka, swum in an underground river in Mexico and played with Lion cubs in South Africa, currently enjoying the crazy adventure of motherhood!
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2 Responses to Cat got your tongue

  1. Ach I don’t get it. I’m afraid when people repeatedly avoid my eye despite the act it would be embarrassing not to acknowledge I just descied they are rude or have a social problem and then ignore them with a viciousness they have never before encountered. Same with the kids tv presenters that look me in the eye like I should know who they are – I do, but I’m not giving them the satisfaction!

  2. My next door neighbours used to be the same. May e afraid we’d get pally with them and want to chat over pots of tea?!

    We couldn’t have found them less boring or unintersting. We were just trying to be polite. After all, they DID live right next door!

    Day after day, down our long pathways to our cars parked together and they just stared at the pavement for fear we’d want to get to know them better. How big-headed and totally misguided.

    The difference between us and them was we’ve been brought up correctly.

    Thank the Lord they moved out!

    Every neighbour punched the air with joy!

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