Let me start by saying that I do believe in rehabilitation. But I also believe that there is a limit to what you can rehabilitate!
A while ago in Canada the Nation reeled as we were informed of a murder. A bus was traveling on a highway carrying a variety of passengers. Without cause or reason one of the passengers stood and attacked another and decapitated him! This horrific encounter was enough by itself, but witnesses, fearing for their own lives also were forced to watch this crazed murderer as he ate parts of the victims head, having waved it in the face of the survivors!
The only good part of this story is that there were many survivors and their account assisted in the capture of the murderer.
Only two years later, imagine how horrified the victims family are to find that the murderer is being granted weekend visits out of prison!
I am at a loss for words, yes I now that’s rare.. But seriously, only two years later after decapitating an innocent bystander and terrorizing a bus full of travelers, he’s allowed in to society…


About yorkshiremummy

Born and Raised in Yorkshire, Now at Large in North America. Working Wife and Mum of 2. Occasionally sarcastic, Often inappropriate, but always real! Having snorkeled with sharks in the Maldives, ridden an Elephant in Sri Lanka, swum in an underground river in Mexico and played with Lion cubs in South Africa, currently enjoying the crazy adventure of motherhood!
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