I had a client meeting based over two days at an unfamiliar location this week. In doing some research I found that one of my first ever hiring managers was now based at this location. So me, being me.. I thought I’d drop in to say hi!
We exchanged emails and planned to do a quick coffee etc. when my client meeting came to a hiatus.. Or the term they love to use, we stopped for a ‘bio break!’ I decided it would be perfect timing to run up and see my old colleague. I got in the elevator but the button wouldn’t work. I managed to get out at the floor below and then walked up. Who knew..? My pass wouldn’t work. Someone kindly informed me that floor was secure and I wasn’t authorized! I laughed, but no harm done! Or so I thought! When I went down to drop my pass off at the end of day one, the security guard said..”so, you tried to get on an unauthorized floor” wow, I thought, how did he know! After a quick chat I promised I’d behave on day two!
In our intro on day two, there was an announcement! Apparently my attempt had caused concern and generated a warning email to the senior people running the meeting! Good lord I thought this is a call center! Not Fort Knox! I figured that was the end of it, until we were taking a tour of the facility and a security guard suddenly appeared from the stair well! The leader of our group shouted.. ” hey, she’s right here. She’s the one you want!” seriously people I was just going for a coffee.. not after any National secrets! Do i need to be worried? Is my face now on most wanted posters in North America call centers? Well at least they know, they’re security is top notch lol!


About yorkshiremummy

Born and Raised in Yorkshire, Now at Large in North America. Working Wife and Mum of 2. Occasionally sarcastic, Often inappropriate, but always real! Having snorkeled with sharks in the Maldives, ridden an Elephant in Sri Lanka, swum in an underground river in Mexico and played with Lion cubs in South Africa, currently enjoying the crazy adventure of motherhood!
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