Cupcakes and chaos

This week I was nervous. I had planned a birthday party for dolly and had not received many replies. I put down 100 dollars deposit and five days before had only heard from six of the families.
My worst nightmare was coming true. I had moved to another Country and finding it hard enough to make friends myself, I was facing the reality that my beautiful 5 yr old didn’t have any either.
To my relief we got a couple more replies and I was feeling a bit more relaxed on our way to the venue.
The party started at 10am, by 10.15 only four kids were there and two of them were mine!
My heart started to palate! My palms were getting clammy. The owner of the place didn’t help when she chirped in that people were usually there by then!
Dolly didn’t seem to notice, she was having a great time on the bouncy castle!
Then all of a sudden people started to arrive! The relief.. I think people could feel the tension draining from me!
14 kids including some that did not RSVP, bounced, ran, slid, rolled, dove and ate!
About an hour in, one of the kids said.. “I’ll take my loot bag now!” pardon me… I thought. I politely asked if she was leaving? I got a no, I just want to make sure I get it! Wow, I was a little taken back, but reassured her that she would get one for sure.
When they lined up to leave, she was first in the queue! She took her bag ripped it open and spread it all out on the table! I nearly died of embarrassment. I thought I’d made decent bags but hubby had rained on my parade and told me they looked a bit cheapy! I held my breath and tried not to panic.. Thinking please don’t let this 6 yr old shout how crap she thinks my party bag is. Luckily for me she grinned and stuffed it all back in. She walked over and I thought bless, she’s going to thank me… But no.. She assertively said.. Can I take home the left over cake?!
I was so shocked I laughed out loud. Ermmm no you can’t take home my daughters cake lol you just had a massive piece!
Ten minutes after the party ended, still one little girl was waiting for her Mum, 20 minutes, still waiting, 30 minutes.. Still waiting… Finally 40 minutes late this woman shows up! Is it just me or is that unacceptable? In these play gyms you get charged per fifteen minutes that you go over! That meant I had to go wait outside with a poor five year old who wondered if their mum was coming back!
I can’t get over how people still surprise me! All in all we had an awesome time, despite the non repliers, the gate rashers and the tardiness lol

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Incy wincy spider

So, I heard that the venom from one of the world’s most deadliest spiders has been found to help cure erectile dysfunction!
How did they find this out? That is a good question!
I can’t help but imagine a group of desperate men, trying to aggravate the resident incy wincy in the shower, trying to encourage it to sink its self into their water spout! No pun intended!
Has this resulted in an increase in men dragging their wives camping? Excusing themselves while they traipse into the Canadian wilderness searching for the dreaded spider bite!
My local radio station who brought this to my attention certainly had my laughing out loud!
now erectile dysfunction is certainly no laughing matter. I do hope the men hear the whole story! A very specific amount of venom is to be taken orally! And no that does not mean, that they should try to capture a deadly spider and eat it! This is not an episode of fear factor!
Should you be suffering from this debilitating condition please see your doctor and not your local creepy crawly expert!

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On my way to work I started to re-think my clothing choice!
I had bought some skinny pants in a fuschia-ish purple.. Purple is my favourite colour. As i meandered down the highway all I could see in my peripheral vision was purple!
I started to panic. Would people at work think I was having a mid life crisis?
Did I resemble a Chinese eggplant?
Too late to turn back now!
Thank goodness I’d been doing the tighten the butt exercises! The fabric left nothing to the imagination! Wears we’re on display! What was I thinking?!
To my surprise, I looked hot! I looked fresh! I looked Great! Or so they said..
But then my mum would say… Did they mean it? Or were they just being nice because I’m the boss?!
Ermmm thanks Mum!

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Haven’t really felt  much like writing recently, but I thought having had a blast this week with my family I’d share a few of the funnies…

Driving along we were behind around 20 cars in traffic. The closest three were all a Toyota Corolla. Mum asks me, what’s the top selling car in Canada? I have no idea but I gave some consideration.. I think Honda Civic or the Toyota one.. Why can’t I think of its name, this went on a few minutes. I’m trying to remember what hubbies Mother has then Step dad says, well it’s obviously not the Corolla. Yes that’s it I say! As they fall about laughing I’ve been staring right at them for 5 minutes!

I bought a new set of cups / mugs from the grocery sore. On special for a dollar each. They’re really rather nice too!
I ask Step Dad.. Do you like my new one dollars cups? Wandallar he says.. Is that a new range at Ikea? Lol
Well he says what do you expect, I once took a box home from Ikea with one of the crazy range names and it said Wanker or something on it! By this time I’m hysterical, sure it did!

Stopped next to a new housing estate, the houses are very pretty but ridiculously priced. I explain they are $799,000.  Just in front is a massive billboard. I have a clear view, but his is slightly restricted. Step Dad says, they’ve gone up to… 899,993
As the car starts to move his view clears and the rest of the phone number appears LOL xxx 899, 993

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Mandarin anyone?

I’ve said before, one of the things I love about Canada is its embrace of diversity. I like how so many cultures coexist for the most part in peace!
I like that people migrating to Canada retain some of their identity and share their customs and culture with others, but ultimately they become Canadian.
One thing I’m just not sure about… I went to my local drug store and all of the aisles are now sign posted in Chinese! I was a little shocked but thought nothing major about it. Then I went to a big box store and same thing, all signs were now in Chinese!
Now I don’t know much about Chinese but I do know not everyone speaks Cantonese or Mandarin. How did they decide which language to put the signs in?
Also I have an English friend who is trying to migrate here and even though he was born in England and his first language is English, he has to obtain a language proficiency test for his application.
Why would the Chinese immigrants need signs in Chinese if they had to pass language proficiency?
It’s all a bit odd to me.
Canada already has two official languages…  I’m watching to see if they add a third..

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Dear so and so

I would like to ensure that you are aware of the recent announcement that the UK has depleted its supply of the BCG drug commonly used in the treatment of bladder cancer!
While the majority of the UK prepare to celebrate the pending Olympic games which has taken years to bring to fruition. My family will be preparing to support my mother through a life changing surgery. A surgery that she should not need!
She was four days away from receiving her sixth and final dose of treatment, when she received the call to inform her that she could not receive that essential drug and that there was no available time frame as to when that would change.
She has since been informed that the manufacturer is projecting that 2013 is the earliest that they will be releasing the next batch and that unfortunately for her, that will be too late!
This is not an isolated incident, there are approximately 200 people in the Uk that are receiving this devastating news at this time!
What does this mean, well, for us personally this means that her only option is to have her bladder and possibly her uterus removed! While we understand that this could be a life saving measure and we are grateful for the option. We also understand that if successful this will be life altering as she will then go through the remainder of her life with a urostmy bag! Which she believes will cause a dramatic effect on her self image and her marriage.
For the UK, this means a massive drain on resources as the Country funds 200 surgeries and after care programs that did not need to occur.
If the same amount of care, planning and preparation went in to life saving cancer treatment as it has to the Olympic games perhaps we would not be facing this tragic set of circumstances!
Should you have an ability to have a positive impact on this crisis I urge you to act now and do what you can to assist the 200 families that are weeks away from this trauma!

I look forward to any reply that you can offer.

Yours Sincerely

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Down but not out!

I am so angry I could smash something,hit something, crush something!

Any of you that have read my blog before know that my Mum is battling Cancer! She started with a Tumour in her Ureter and endured a massive life saving surgery where they removed it and her kidney! I was so proud of how she took the challenge head on, sometimes feeling like she couldn’t take a second more!

She was then told she has Cancer in her bladder! A massive blow! But as she is young, there is a treatment that has proven effective! BCG is inserted through a catheter directly to the site! So she went every week for 6 weeks and took the pain and the distress to be told it hasn’t worked! Not to worry, we’re told! It often takes two lots. So here she is waiting to have the final dose when we are hit with the almighty blow… They have run out! Excuse me? Ran out and none until 2013! 

Ok I thought she’s had 5 maybe that’s enough?! No, apparently not, all that she’s been through, means jack shit!

The only option available is to put her through a massive surgery to remove her bladder and her uterus! A life changing surgery! But hopefully a life saving surgery! All because the factory has ran out of the medicine!

We are not alone in this debacle! Not that it makes it any easier,but 200 other people will also need bladder removal to save their life!

You may be confused and think we’re from a third world Country, but no, this is all taking place in the former super power… England! God help us!

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