I read a few things recently that created a firework of emotions. While browsing on Facebook I saw a picture of a young boy holding a sign, announcing to the world that he’s a bully!
Now I’m not one to usually judge anyone else’s parenting style but I couldn’t help being horrified and thinking this woman had got it sooooo wrong!
Bullying absolutely needs to be addressed and I believe in that old saying about it taking a village to raise a child. I believe every single person in the community need to all band together against bullying!
If a child under 10 has made a bad choice and bullied someone is it ok to label them and send that virally in a picture captured for all posterity??
How are we to change his behaviour? By him now becoming the victim of bullying as the whole town rise up?
There has to be consequences! But standing on a corner for all the town to see and then capturing a picture and posting it world wide just does not seem the smart way to go to me!
I can’t help worrying that he’ll either withdraw so far in to himself that his own life will be at risk. That even if he is ashamed of what he did and tries to amend, he will never be able to move on with this picture floating about or that he will rebel against this public humiliation causing more damage.
I hope at least he understands bullying is not an option, nor for his mother!

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I haven’t felt much like writing recently! I really thought that no one was reading my blog anyway. Then I reminded myself that I didn’t start my blog for glory but as a cathartic way to de-stress!
These last six weeks have been particularly challenging as both kids have battled, cough, cold, ear infection, diarrhea and vomiting and strep throat!
There has been little to no sleep and more body fluids than I hope you ever have to deal with.
Last night as I almost begged my toddler to go to sleep and stop coughing (like that is in her control), I was so absolutely exhausted that I started to physically shake! I suddenly got a moment of clarity! What would the parents of those beautiful children, that were torn away from them Before Christmas give to be up all night caring for them?!
We take so much for granted, so tonight when I’ve given the antibiotic and I’m up again every twenty minutes, I am going to remind myself just how lucky I am that I still have a daughter to care for!
Thinking of all those who have lost a child…

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My cup runneth over…

Anyone that has been informed that their loved one has ‘cancer’ will know how I feel!
You go throw a roller coaster of emotions almost like a bereavement!
Throughout the process of my Mums treatment and surgeries I’ve tried to be selfless. I’ve reminded myself it’s not about me! What ever she needs to get through this, I will try to accommodate.
When she told me not to go home to England while she underwent her 9hr life saving surgery. I was stunned, but that’s what she needed. She could not be strong and fight with me hanging around. (her words). She would find recovery difficult with two tots under foot. So… I stayed!
I waited, and I waited. I prayed, I yelled, I cried and I waited….
The hardest part of this whole journey is not knowing. Not knowing how she really is. Not knowing how she is coping. Not knowing, if… Or when I will get to see her again!
I was so jealous of my step sister and brother, my aunts and uncles, friends and family who slowly over the last two weeks have been to see her!
That was until today! My hubby bought me a new phone. With Skype and face time. Today, my wait was over. I saw her, large as life! As if nothing had happened! No epic battle, no 9hrs in surgery, no ICU!
Words can not describe my pride. She is an inspiration to us all! A tower of strength, generosity and kindness!
My cup runneth over……

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Head hunter..

Being in recruitment I’m used to a variety of reactions… Oh you’re one of those headhunter people! Some eye rolling, some facing pulling.
I got in to recruitment by accident. I was originally a registered nurse in the UK and had a terrible car accident that altered my mobility and made it difficult for me to work in a field that requires you to be on your feet most of the day and manually moving patients from A to B.
I was fortunate to get a role combining my skills when I joined a small consulting group that wanted a registered nurses to help start up their permanent placement division of the company. Focussing on nurses.
My first ever placement was bringing an enthusiastic nurse, from a small village in Africa. We used video conferencing and were able to see her live and do a full face to face interview!
The joy she expressed when she was successfully hired was beyond anything I had seen before. The money she was going to earn was not just going to make a difference to her own life, but that of her very extended family and in turn the whole village.
When she arrived in the UK, she made a point of coming to see me personally and taking a number of pictures to share with her family so they could see who had made it all possible. Her words, not mine!
I felt that even though I was no longer a practicing nurse, I could still use many of the skills! Assessment and observation, rapport building, recommendation and follow up. All skills relevant to recruiting, but most of all… I could still make a difference!
I read an article on a recruiting blog this week, where an arrogant recruiter who definitely deserves the eye roll and the look of disgust made an entry level candidate uncomfortable on purpose.
He asked her, why he should consider her, what made her so special and different from every other asshole new grad….
After a few minutes of bullying she replied… Right now the only thing that separates me from an asshole is this desk! Now I’m sure I didn’t do the story justice, but you can get the general idea!

I am passionate about what I do! I love putting candidates at ease and getting the best out of them. I get excited when I find top talent and make a difference in both the company and the person’s lives! I am so far away from the arrogant recruiter mentioned above. I care about the people, I take pride and maintain my integrity, if that makes me … One of those headhunter types… Then so be it!

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Animal antics

Having been a nurse and an avid traveller I thought I’d pretty much seen or heard of it all!
That was of course until this week! Flicking through the channels I saw a pro mo thingy for a new upcoming show. About frugal people. People that do the craziest thing just to save a penny!
It was only a quick glimpse so I may have some of this wrong but the focus of this clip was a woman who was so intent on saving money she refused to flush the loo! Instead, she peed in a jar and paraded down the garden to the flower bed with said jar. Where she dumped her own pee!!
The funniest bit of the clip was when she was telling the man of the house about her antics and trying to get him to join in!
I’m all for saving money but aren’t we supposed to be a civilized world? If we all start peeing and crapping in the yard, doesn’t that just make us animals?

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Waiting game

Waiting game

I turn on my computer, waiting for a sign
Hoping to get a message
From friends and family on line
The seconds turn to minutes
Eventually to hours
I cross my fingers, hold my breath
And pray to all the powers
There has to be some news
This can not be the end
Of my heart, my soul, my mentor
My mummy, my friend
My heart beats like a steam train,
Plowing down the tracks
I need to know the outcome
The latest on the facts
One hour, two hours, three and then more
I should be grateful that they
Take their time
But tell me I, implore
What the hell is going on
I’m miles and miles away
Wringing hands
And biting nails
To get me through the day
Four hours, five hours, then it turns to six
As the pit in my stomach
Makes me feel so sick
Trying to stay positive
Trying to be calm
Reassurance that the passing time
Is no real cause for alarm
Seven hours, eight hours
The panic starts to creep
As my wonderful brave mummy
Battles in her sleep
Nine is the magic number
She is poorly but alive
A long way to recovery
But a new chance to survive!

Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes! Hang in there Mum! We love you!

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Big balls, small hole

Big balls, small hole!

One of my colleagues decided to get me a treat last week. They saw some British toffee in a store in Canada and when I came in to work it was on my desk. I’m not a big toffee fan so I threw it in my drawer, but she kept asking how it was. I finally gave in and tried the tiniest piece and was rewarded with a gaping hole in my tooth! Actually half the tooth was gone!
I called the dentist and raced over.
Now I used to be petrified of the dentist, but I do better since pushing two small children out of a southern orifice! I’m a lot braver. Still though, I don’t like it and was a bit nervous.
The hole felt enormous. I’m imagining it I thought. Over, reacting … I do that!
The Dentist said, let me take a look and followed that with “oh, my god!”
Ok, you’re scaring me I said! Oh you’ve no reason to be scared she replied.. It’s me that should be scared.. How the hell am I going to fix that?!
Wow, now that’s giving me confidence. Anyway she took an x-ray. Apparently my mouth is small… They used children’s equipment! This mouth is so cute she said.. Like a babies! Ermmm… Ok..
She decided to do a temporary filling to which she shouted at the technician, in a very thick accent.. Jessie, I need big balls to fit in this small hole! I tried not to laugh. Jessie was slow.. So the Dentist in an urgent tone, repeated more big balls for her hole! And finally….Keep the big balls coming!
By this time I was hysterical with the sucker thing dangling put of my mouth, Vaseline on my lips and the dentist ramming big balls of temporary filling in to my mouth.. Which apparently in Dental terms is referred to as the ‘small hole’!
I go back Tuesday… Wish me luck!

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